New organisation will promote environmentally sound tax policy in Europe
Brussels, 04 November 2014
Today saw the establishment in Brussels of Green Budget Europe (GBE) - an independent organization that will promote an environmentally sound tax policy in Europe. The new organisation will be headed by James Nix, formerly Director of Irish NGO An Taisce. A press release is available online.

Special Edition of Green Budget News released
Bruxelles, 01 July 2014
A new edition of the Green Budget News has been published. The Special Edition focuses on the election of the European Commission President and the election to the European Parliament.

OECD calls on German government to reduce environmentally harmful subsidies
Berlin, 13 May 2014
On Tuesday the OECD's economic survey of Germany was presented. One of the organisation's advices is to "phase out tax expenditures for activities that damage the environment" and to "better align environmental taxation with negative externalities". The summary of the economic survey is online available.

European Semester Alliance was launched
Brussels, 07 April 2014
On 7 April 2014, the new EU Alliance for a democratic, social and sustainable European Semester was launched at the European Economic and Social Committee. The Alliance, of which GBE is a member, is a broad coalition bringing together environmental, social and equality NGOs and trade unions. A joint press release and further information are available online.

GBE Annual Conference 2013
Winterthur, SWITZERLAND, October 2013
GBE´s Annual Conference 2013 "Environmental Taxation and Emissions Trading - Making Market-based Instruments work" took place from 24-25 October 2013 in Winterthur at the School of Management and Law ZHAW and did serve as the GBE and ZHAW annual conference. The focus has been on environmental tax reform and emissions trading. More than 40 key experts and another 100 participants have been invited to discuss and analyse the ongoing Swiss initiative of implementing environmental taxation as part of the 2050 energy strategy (day 1). The second day set out to explore tangible ways of overcoming existing barriers for the effective functioning of the European Union Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) in the context of the ongoing discussion on the EU 2030 energy and climate targets.
Find further information here.

The full costs of power generation
Berlin, GERMANY, March 2013
What are the full costs of power generation? The question is decisive in the debate about our future energy supply, but German power bills only give an incomplete answer. Green Budget Germany (GBG) compared subsidies and external cost of renewable and conventional energy sources on behalf of Greenpeace Energy EG and German Wind Energy Association BWE e.V.. The vigorously discussed study is now also available in English.

GBE Annual Conference 2012
Paris, FRANCE, Sciences Po, 29 - 30 October 2012
This year's GBE annual conference will be organised in partnership with the Institut du développement durable et des relations internationales (IDDRI). The multi-stakeholder event brings together experts from academia, civil society, EU decision makers, the European Commission, and national decision makers to discuss Environmental Fiscal Reform opportunities in France and in Europe.
Further information is available here.

EU citizens want major shift in fisheries subsidies
Berlin, GERMANY, 16 October 2012
The majority of EU-citizens demands that fisheries subsidies be used differently in the future. This is the result of a public opinion poll conducted in six EU member states and published today by Green Budget Europe.

Green Budget Europe hosts two side events during Rio+20 Conference
Rio de Janeiro, BRASIL, 18 and 21 June 2012
Green Budget Europe (GBE) hosted two side events at the UN Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro. The first event - "Environmental Fiscal Reform (EFR) - The key to achieving a green economy" - took place on the 18th of June in the German Pavilion. For the detailed program, please see the flyer. A background paper on the event can be downloaded here. The second event - "Windows of Opportunity for Environmental Fiscal Reform" - took place on the 21st of June as part of the official Conference program in RioCentro. For the detailed program, please see the flyer for the event. A demand paper by GBE and other NGOs on the role of EFR at the Rio Conference can be downloaded here.

New report on advantages of carbon-energy taxation
Berlin, GERMANY, 15 May 2012
A groundbreaking report highlighting the advantages of carbon-energy tax over indirect and direct taxation for employment and GDP growth was published yesterday. The report, Carbon taxation and fiscal consolidation: the potential of carbon pricing to reduce Europe's fiscal deficits, is the result of a collaboration between the European Climate Foundation and Green Budget Europe, in association with Vivid Economics.

In response to the report, Green Budget Europe brought together a number of ex-Finance Ministers to sign an open letter to Europe's Finance Ministers meeting in Brussels on 14 and 15 May, to call on policy makers to take note of the report's findings and to explore smart taxation as a means of achieving fiscal consolidation.

Executive Summary and full report are available online. Details of the CETRiE project are available on our CETRiE page.

EU Energy Tax Directive
19 April 2012
Joint EEB and GBE statement on the European Parliament opinion on the Energy Tax Directive. Read it here.

New GIZ Publication on Resource Efficiency in Development Cooperation
27 March 2012
The German International Coopration Agency (GIZ) on behalf of the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) has published a report on "Resource Efficiency in Development Cooperation". The report presents an overview of existing approaches and instruments to promote resource efficiency in development cooperation and provides suggestions on how resource efficiency can be taken into account in the design and implementation of cooperation activities. GBG-Researcher Eike Meyer co-authored this report and contributed a chapter on policy instruments for improving the general framework conditions for resource efficiency.

Event note: The Brussels Tax Forum 2012
Brussels, BELGIUM, 05 - 06 March 2012
This annual conference is hosted by the EU Commissioner responsible for Taxation, Customs, Anti-Fraud and Audit. This year, the topic will be 'Tax Policy under a Common Currency '. The Forum will focus on the tax policy challenges that the need for fiscal consolidation and growth-enhancing reforms poses to countries belonging to a monetary union.
Please see the programme. For registrations, please go to the website of DG TAXUD. Registrations are possible until 24th February.

External Event: Workshop on Environmental Taxation
Rome, ITALY, 24 February 2012
GBE Steering Committee member Aldo Ravazzi was invited to a workshop on Environmental Taxation dealing with the question of how to find new indicators for the definition of prosperity. His presentation (Italian) is available for download here.
The workshop was broadcasted by the Italian radio station Radio Radicale. If you are interested in listening, please go here.

External Event: Environmentally Related Taxes and Fiscal Reform
Rome, ITALY, 15 December 2011
This conference was organized by the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance in cooperation with the European Environment Agency. The focus was put on energy and transport taxation.
Experienced and respected scientists and politicians came together to discuss current issues of Environmental Fiscal Reform. A broad range of topics was presented, ranging from the highly contested European Energy Tax Directive over company car taxation to instruments for the taxation of efficient cars or the economic implications of Environmental Fiscal Reform.
GBE Steering Committee members Aldo Ravazzi and Paul Ekins played an active part in this conference. Aldo Ravazzi moderated the first panel discussion and was discussant at the final one. Paul Ekins gave a presentation on the economic implications of Environmental Fiscal Reform and held the chair of the session on energy taxation.

The programme is available here. Further information, including all the presentations can be found on the Ministry's website.

Commentary: "A Green Recovery for Greece and Europe"
17 November 2011
FÖS/GBE-president Dr. Anselm Görres and former Greek Minister of Finance and EU commissioner for the Environment Yannis Paleokrassas commented today in the German newspaper "Süddeutsche Zeitung" on the debt crisis in Europe. The article can be reread here.

The English version of the newspaper article called "A Green Recovery for Greece and Europe" is available here

News on the Energy Tax Directive from the ECOFIN
08 November 2011
The Energy Tax Directive was on the agenda for the ECOFIN - the Council of Finance and Economic Ministers of the European Union - on 8th November 2011. There had been some concern that changes would be made to the substance of the Commission's proposed revision. In the end, however, the Directive was not discussed, contrary to expectations and agenda.

The press release after the Ecofin notes that the ETD was withdrawn because of "a clear division amongst delegations in relation to the content of the Commission's proposal. It indicated that the Council's working group will be asked to carry out detailed work on the proposal in a practical and realistic way." What this means is that the revision has survived and be discussed in the working groups in its present form. We are hoping for significant progress during the Danish Presidency, which we expect to be supportive of the revision and to push for significant progress during its 6 month Presidency. Watch this space for more new on the ETD in the coming months.

Here you can read the position paper on the revision of the Energy Tax Directive GBE published in cooperation with Transport & Environment and the European Environmental Bureau.

Environmental Tax Reform
16 September 2011
The vice-president of GBG, Kai Schlegelmilch, explains in a short interview at the Green Budget Europe Annual Conference 2011, the recent progress in the field of ecological fiscal reform in Germany and Asia.

Green Budget Europe Annual Conference
"Taxation, Innovation and Communication: Enhancing the prospects for green fiscal reform"
Copenhagen, DENMARK, 15 - 16 September 2011
This year's Green Budget Europe (GBE) annual conference will explore how far and in which ways Environmental Fiscal Reform (EFR) promotes eco-innovation and how to improve the communication of EFR. For more information click here.

Tax treatment of company cars -
How environmentally harmful is it in the European Union?
Brussels, BELGIUM, 28 February 2011
This workshop will look at the tax treatment of company cars in the European Union. The workshop is organised in light of research commissioned by DG TAXUD and undertaken by the consultancy Copenhagen Economics. This research found that total tax breaks may account for as much as 0.8% of GDP in the EU. The workshop sets out to investigate these results in light of findings from other research and explore ways to reform company car taxation and to look at ways of greening company car taxation.
For more information on this event, please click here.

GBG annual conference
Berlin, GERMANY, 06 - 07 May 2011
This year`s annual conference will be held in Berlin, on the 6th and 7th of May. It consists of two parts: A conference on taxation of resources on Friday, the 6th and a meeting for members on Saturday, the 7th. For more information on this event, please click here.

International Symposium on "Growth and green tax shifting in an era of fiscal consolidation "
Brussels, BELGIUM, 15 - 16 December 2010
Within the framework of the Belgian EU Presidency, Belgian Secretary of State for Finance and Environmental Taxation Bernard Clerfayt is organising, with the support of Green Budget Europe (GBE), a high-level symposium on green fiscal reform and budget consolidation, in cooperation with the Belgian Ministry of Finance.
For more information click here.

EU-LAC Conference 2010
Berlin, GERMANY, 10 - 11 November 2010
The Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) has held the second EU-LAC conference in 2010 in cooperation with the European Union and GBG. Inwent organised the Forum European Union - Latin America and the Caribbean which was this time focused on "Fiscal policy and an environmentally sustainable economy in the context of climate change". More...

External Event: Environmental Tax Reform - Learning from the past and inventing the future
Dublin, IRELAND, 28 - 29 October 2010,

The conference took place over two days. The first day was a closed session for practitioners. The second day was a stakeholder meeting.
According to the programme, four sessions on Water, Solid Waste, Greenhouse Gas and Land Value Tax were hold.
Presentations and videos are provided here.

Study "Greening the Budget: Pricing Carbon and Cutting Energy Subsidies to reduce the financial deficit in Germany" has been published.
Berlin, GERMANY, 27 October 2010
The Heinrich Boell Foundation North America has published a new report on greening the budget by pricing carbon and cutting environmental harmful subsidies. The publication provides lessons on how greening the budget combines fiscal responsibility with the environmental sensibility that is inevitable for a sustainable future.

Meeting of the DNR (German League for Nature and Environment) executive committee with EU Commissioners Potočnik and Oettinger.
Brussels, BELGIUM, 4 - 5 October 2010
Representative of Green Budget Germany and board member Kai Schlegelmilch handed over our position paper against an extension of coal subsidies to EU Environment Commissioner Janez Potočnik and Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger.
For pictures of the meeting please click here.

GBE Annual Conference
Budapest, HUNGARY, 08 - 09 July 2010
The Annual Conference of Green Budget Europe took place on July 8th and 9th in Budapest.
The main topics of the conference were the following:
1. Environmentally Harmful Subsidies and their Elimination.
2. Communicating Green Budget Reform.
For documentation, the presentations, photos and the conference programme, please click here.

Latest edition of Green-Budget News
18 June 2010
The latest edition of Green-Budget News has been published this week. Many interesting articles and discussions can be found here.

Indirect Tax Forum 2010 postponed to June 16th
21 April 2010
Due to the closure of European airspace, this forum will now take place on Wednesday, June 16th. All existing registrations will be valid for the new date. For further information click here.

UNCTAD: Trade & Environment Review 2009/2010 published
09 March 2010
The study "Promoting poles of clean growth to foster the transition to a more sustainable economy" has been published. It singles out three areas of sustainable, "green" growth that are of particular and strategic importance for the low-income and least developed countries.
Further information here.

Indirect Tax Forum 2010 - 22 April 2010 in London
05 March 2010
The forum aims to present the latest developments in indirect taxation and make practical recommendations for an efficient indirect tax system.
Further information here.

Green Budget Germany awards Adam Smith Prize 2010 to the green conscience of the CSU: Josef Göppel
23 February 2010
The award ceremony will take place at 5pm on 23 April in the Rotes Rathaus in Berlin. Further information on the Adam Smith Prize here.

New book by Prof. Dr. Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker
February 2010
Factor Five
has been published. Together with Michael Smith, Karlson Hargroves and Charlie Hargroves. For many years the renowned scientist Weizsäcker makes the case for the application of eco-tax schemes.

WWF-Study: Biodiversity & The EU Budget
November 2009
The paper is available here.

Spanish minister of the environment on the EU Common Fisheries Policy (CFP)
01 February 2010
In her speech before the European Parliament Ms Espinosa stressed the importance of a new CFP. In November 2009 GBE contributed
to the EU consultation regarding this reform.
Further information here. The European Commission refers to the issue here and the European Parliament here. 

Carbon Taxation: A Forgotten Climate Policy Tool?
Study by Global Utmaning.
Project Manager: Carl von Essen. This study is available here.

Online-Course on Climate Change
Start: 01 February. Offered by the University of Copenhagen.
Further information is available here.

Green Budget News 25
January 2010
The latest issue of Green Budget News is available here.