Since the Environmental Tax Reform in Germany, GBG has been devoted to international activities. After all, Germany cannot prevent climate change and conserve nature on its own. For this reason GBG is trying to introduce the Environmental Tax Reform globally and adjust it to be easily applicable to other countries. It has been great to meet many like-minded people when organising global conferences and writing out proposals.

Green Budget Europe

Green Budget Europe is trying to bundle the national voices for Environmental Tax Reform and Market-Based Instruments in environmental protection in Europe. In addition, GBE is trying to win over experts from all of areas of EU politics: the Commission, national governments, industry associations, NGOs, and academics. Green Budget Europe started off as a project run on the basis of Green Budget Germany and has become an independent organization in November 2014.

Global Conference on Environmental Taxation

In 2007 GBG was responsible for organising the 8th Global Conference on Environmental Taxation. The conference, titled "Innovation, Technology and Employment: Impacts of Environmental Fiscal Reforms and Other Market-Based Instruments" took place in Munich and over 300 participants from five continents attended.

EFR in developing countries
Developing countries are especially suffering from the exploitation of natural resources - directly from their quarrying, but also indirectly through climate change. At the same time there are few financial instruments available to developing countries. For this reason, an Environmental Tax Reform in developing countries is appealing from the viewpoints of natural conservation, human prosperity, and public finance.