Parties, Organisations, and Associations

Parties, organisations and associations

Organisations and associations

BUND - Friends of Earth Germany
The largest environmental organisation in Germany

Bundesverband Emissionshandel und Klimaschutz
Federal association for Emission Trading and Climate Protection

Bundesverband für Umweltberatung e.V.
Federal association for Environmental Guidance

For global justice and preservation of livelihood

Global Marshall Plan
Initiative for a global Marshall plan

Green City
For more environment protection

Manage projects about environmental protection, energy and resource efficiency and climate change

Information for Action
A free and easy to use website where you can send emails or letters to politicians and business leaders all over the world

NABU is one of the oldest and largest environment associations in Germany

Sustainable Development Forum e.V.
Organize projects about sustainable development

VCD - Transport Club Germany
The VCD agitate for a seminal green transport policy

The European Union
Clean Air Action Group

A Hungarian NGO - Partner for GBG in the Newsletter project green Budget News

Ecological Council
A Danish NGO that is promoting sustainable economy for conservation of nature. Also a partner for GBG in the Newsletter project green Budget News

Based on independency and close mutual co-operation, the EurActiv Network delivers localised EU policy information in 15 languages, reaching readers across Europe and beyond

Noé21 is an independent association founded in 2003 and based in Geneva, whose mission is to identify, evaluate and promote solutions to climate change, with a constructive approach

An Austrian organisation for environment and technology. The third partner in the newsletter project Green Budget News

Green Fiscal Policy Network - This international network is a joint partnership between UNEP, GIZ and the IMF which supports the green economy and provides knowledge on green fiscal reforms.