Websites Concerning Energy

Websites concerning energy

Germany, Europe and the world

deZem - deZem provides tools for creating energy transparency.

German Energy Transition - This website of the Heinrich Böll Foundation offers information on the German Energy transition and its effects on economy, environment and society.

Greenpeace - Solar Generation is a youth project including all forms of renewable energy (solar, wind, water, biomass and geothermal energy).

Renewables - The Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century (REN21) is the follow-up network of the renewables 2004 conference.

REECO - A portal offering information on the themes of renewable energy and energy efficient building and reconstruction.

CSE - Centre for Sustainable Energy does research and policy work in the field of sustainable energy consumtpion.

IAEE - International Association for Energy Economics is a worldwide, non-profit, professional organization that provides an interdisciplinary forum for the exchange of ideas, experiences and issues among professionals interested in the field of energy economics.

IAEE - Documentation of the 31st IAEE Conference that took place in 2008 in Istanbul.

Petro-Cash - A world-wide database offering current information on  crude oil prices.

Revolt - The Worldwatch Institute`s Climate and Energy Blog.