We are pleased that you are interested in becoming a member of Green Budget Germany (GBG). Together with many like-minded people, we are committed to an ecological-social market economy - with lasting success!

Support our demand for an ecologically responsible and socially just restructuring of our economic and fiscal system. There are two ways to do this:
As an active member, you have your own voting rights and can thus have a say in the direction of our future work. Alternatively, as a supporting member (without voting rights) you can support our work ideally and financially. Students and unemployed persons can become members for a reduced fee.

Currently the membership fees are staggered as follows:

Active membership: minimum 10,- Euro per month (120,- Euro p. a.)

Active membership reduced: at least 7,50 Euro per month (90,- Euro p. a.)

Company active membership: at least 100,- Euro per month (1.200,- Euro p. a.)

Support membership minimum: 5,- Euro per month (60,- Euro p. a.)

Support membership reduced: 2,50 Euro per month (30,- Euro p. a.)

Company support membership: minimum 50,- Euro per month (600,- Euro p. a.)

The membership fee is due once a year. In return, members regularly receive important first-hand information and discounted admission to all GBG events. In addition, every morning you will receive our exclusive "Themen des Tages" (Topics of the Day), with an overview of the most important articles on the GBG topics of sustainable finance, energy, transport, agriculture and climate. (available in German only)

Since we work without institutional state support, your membership is a very important contribution for us to be able to successfully carry out our work for a more sustainable way of doing business. Thank you for your support!


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