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Inclusion of road transport in emissions trading will not help the climate
(Alexander Mahler and Matthias Runkel, 06/2016)
Despite opposite proposals this paper argues the inclusion of road transport in the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) is not an effective instrument to achieve climate change in the sector. The weak price signal in the medium term delays innovations and increases their cost. Besides the scheme would not be sufficiently covering upstream emissions. An effective climate change policy should be based on ambitiously developing EU-wide CO2 emission standards and adjustments to fuel taxes.

Fiscal considerations in the design of green tax reforms
Green Budget Paper 2015/01 by Kai Schlegelmilch and Amani Joas

Environmental Fiscal Reform - the Key to Achieving a Green Economy
This background paper argues that Environmental Fiscal Reform (EFR) is a key prerequisite for a Green Economy as it redistributes the burden of taxation and reforms mechanisms within the fiscal system so that appropriate price signals are created to reduce pollution and inefficient energy and resource use. The paper explaines the key rationale of EFR and illustrates its multiple benefits not only for industrialized but also for emerging and developing economies. It was presented as a background paper for the Side Event under the same name that Green Budget Europe hosted during the UN Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro in June 2012 together with the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH on behalf of the Germany Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and other partners.

Money Matters - Environmental Fiscal Reform and the Green Economy
This paper summarizes key demands regarding environmental taxation and the reform of environmentally harmful subsidies towards the UN Conference on Sustainable Development which took place from 20th-22nd June 2012 in Rio de Janeiro. It was published jointly with the German NGO Forum on Environment and Development and the European Environmental Bureau (EEB).

For a better use of environmental fiscal policies at EU-level: Green Budget Germany calls for a strong 7th Environmental Action Programme (7 EAP)
The EU's next flagship environment strategy, the Seventh Environmental Action Programme should set mid- and long-term targets to mainstream environmental aspects in all relevant EU policy fields. 23 German environmental organisations published a common position paper to influence the discussion within the European Commission on 24th April.
Green Budget Germany called for greening the European budget, the enforcement of the implementation of EU environmental policies, and reiterated once again the need for a strong and detailed roadmap to phase out environmentally-harmful subsidies by 2020.

The Lion Awakes: The 9th GCET is Younger, More Female, More Global and More Third World
Green Budget Paper 2008/12 by Dr. Anselm Görres

The Tragic Paradox: Germany's Very Successful but Not Very Popular Green Budget Reform
Green Budget Paper 2006/12 by Dr. Anselm Görres
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Japan's Path to Kyoto: Paved with Many Obstacles
Journey Report of an Ecotax Missionary
Green Budget Paper 2006/01 by Dr. Anselm Görres
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Green Subsidies: Politically Popular, Economically Costly, Environmentally Ambiguous
6th Annual Global Conference on Environmental Taxation (GCET), Leuven (Flanders/Belgium), September 2005
Green Budget Paper 2005/09 by Dr. Anselm Görres
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Insights in Political Processes on the Ecological Tax Reform from a Ministerial Perspective
Green Budget Paper 2005/06 by Kai Schlegelmilch
This paper describes the development and the history of ecological tax reform in Germany, the implementation, and its experiences.

Environmental Fiscal Reform: Lessons from the Debate in Germany and Western Europe
3rd Global Conference on Environmental Taxation (GCET), Woodstock (Vermont), April 2002
Green Budget Paper 2003/10 by Dr. Anselm Görres
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Coase's Curse: How the Coase Theorem Has Biased the Debate of Eco-instruments and Paralyzed Environmental Policy
4th Annual Global Conference on Environmental Taxation Issues, Experience and Potential, Sydney (Australia), June 2003
Green Budget Paper 2003/06 by Dr. Anselm Görres
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Ecological Tax Reform - A Policy Proposal for Sustainable Development
A paper by Ernst U. von Weizsäcker and Jochen Jesinghaus

Twice to the USA and Back
Green Budget Paper 2002/07 by Dr. Anselm Görres

Ecotaxes: Simple Thoughts, Small Steps, Great Effects
Oregon Environmental Council Business Forum, Oregon (USA), March 2002
Green Budget Paper 2002/03 by Dr. Anselm Görres

Forget Double Dividend: Ecotaxes Have At Least Ten Dividends to Offer!
2nd annual conference on Environmental Taxation (GCET), Vancouver, B.C. (Canada), April 2001
Green Budget Paper 2001/04 by Dr. Anselm Görres

Taxing for Sustainability - A Concept for a New Millenium
Sustainability Conference at Expo 2000 World Exposition, Hannover (Germany), October 2000
Green Budget Paper 2000/10 by Dr. Anselm Görres

From Galileo, Smith and Pigou to the Macroeconomic Charm of Ecological Taxation
1st Annual Global Conference on Environmental Taxation Issues (GCET), Cleveland (USA), June 2000
Green Budget Paper 2000/06 by Dr. Anselm Görres

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