About Us

About Us

Green Budget Germany was founded in 1994 as a Non-Governmental Organisation. At the time, our focus was on the introduction of an Environmental Tax Reform in Germany, a goal which has now been realised to a large extent. In recent years, we have extended our focus to include all elements of market-oriented eco-fiscal policy: environmental taxation, emission trading, removal of environmentally harmful subsidies, promotion of renewable energies and green growth. Our work on the entire array of Market-Based Instruments for environmental policy has rendered Green Budget Germany a competent voice in the MBI policy debate all over the world. One of our prime concerns is improving communication and public awareness of EFR.


Our long-term aim is an environmental and social market economy, in which "prices tell not only the economic, but also the ecologic truth" (Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker). To this end, we work with many other organisations well beyond the borders of Germany and the European Union.

Executive Board:

The Executive Board consists of ten persons with different backgrounds (economy, politics, various organisations), whose common ground is a strong commitment to environmental policy and especially to an environmental fiscal reform.

Advisory Board:

The Advisory Board represents the wide social attachments of GBG. It consists of prominent academics, entrepreneurs, politicians and NGO representatives who promote our aims.


The voluntary work of the Executive and Advisory Board is supported by the GBG office staff.


GBG's members include dedicated citizens, companies, and institutions. In annual and member meetings they determine the positions and activities of GBG.


Like every non-profit organization, GBG possesses a statute in which the constitutive rules for the work are defined.


Here you can find information about the most important milestones in GBG's history. Renaming, relocations, events, and successes are documented in the chronicle.

Adam Smith Prize:

The Adam Smith Prize is awarded annually by GBG for an outstanding personality that has advocated market-based environmental policy. Previous laureates include Prof. Dr. Horst Köhler, Dr. Barbara Hendricks MdB, Prof Dr. Dr. Klaus Töpfer and Prof. Dr. Hans-Christoph Binswanger.