Copenhagen, 15 - 16/09/2011

Green Budget Europe Annual Conference

Green Budget Europe Annual Conference
"Taxation, Innovation and Communication: Enhancing the prospects for green fiscal reform"
Copenhagen, Denmark, 15-16 September 2011



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Interviews and Media Coverage

Programme and Presentations on Thursday 15/09/2011

Programme and Presentations on Friday 16/09/2011

This year's GBE annual conference took place at the European Environment Agency (EEA) in Copenhagen. It brought together leading experts to discuss Environmental Fiscal Reform in Europe and beyond.

The conference was organised in partnership with the Danish Ecological Council (DEC), an environmental NGO founded in 1991 to promote sustainable development. Sponsors and supporters include the European Environment Agency, Rockwool International, and the European Environmental Bureau.

GBE thinks all participants, the Danish Ecological Council and our hosts at the EEA will agree that the conference as a whole was a great success. The atmosphere was positive and everyone enjoyed some excellent presentations - even a fire alarm in the middle of the session on the ETD could not throw the participants too much off balance.

The two top female keynote speakers - Connie Hedegaard (Climate Action Commissioner) and Jacqueline McGlade (Executive Director, EEA) gave two very stimulating and interesting speeches. Also, Stewart Elgie gave a powerful presentation on the communication of ETR, using the carbon tax in BC as his example, Anselm Goerres highlighted the window of opportunity offered by the ongoing European crisis in relation to ETR, and Martin Lidegaard of Concito described some interesting research that will be taking place in Denmark in the coming months, while Jens Lundsgaard presented some of the most interesting findings of the OECD's Taxation, Innovation and the Environment. In the final panel session, Michael Jacobs, Manfred Rosenstock, Pieter De Pous and Anselm had much to say about perspectives for ETR in Europe.


The conference materials are available for download here.

Interviews of some of the speakers can be found at the following link.

The photos from the conference can be viewed here.

You can find more media coverage from the conference in the International Tax Review:

"How will environmental taxes shift the burden?"

"Climate commissioner backs shift to environmental taxation in EU"

"Revised Energy Tax Directive welcomed by taxpayers and activists"

Also, please read EndsEurope's article:

"EU energy taxation rules 'must not exempt fishing'".

To read the summary written by the Danish Ecological Council, our cooperation partner, please follow this link.

Thursday 15/09/2011

The advantages of green taxation, including special sessions on the
Energy Tax Directive

Keynote speakers – taxation as a driver for the green economy

Chair: Christian Ege, Director, Danish Ecological Council

Welcome and Introduction
Jacqueline Cottrell, Manager, Green Budget Europe
Christian Ege, Director, Danish Ecological Council

Keynote addresses:

Taxation, innovation and communication – ways forward for Environmental Taxation in Europe
Professor Jacqueline McGlade, Executive Director, European Environment Agency

Environmental Taxation in Europe – new opportunities offered by the crisis
Dr. Anselm Görres, President, Green Budget Europe

Green tax reform in Denmark
Martin Lidegaard, Chairman of the Board, Concito

The Energy Tax Directive: The latest Commission proposal and prospects for Implementation

Chair: Aldo Ravazzi, Italian Ministry of Environment, Land & Sea,
and Vice President, Green Budget Europe

The Commission proposal for a revised Energy Tax Directive
Dr. Rolf Diemer, Head of Unit, DG Taxation and Customs Union, European Commission

Green Budget Europe’s analysis of the proposed revisions to the Energy Tax Directive
Kai Schlegelmilch, Green Budget Europe

Brief statements from speakers on their approaches to and opinions on the Energy Tax
•    Hans Larsen, Deputy Manager, Representative from the Danish Ministry of Tax
•    Ilja Lorenzo Volpi, Policy Adviser, Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER) AISBL

1) Exploring the interrelationship between innovation and taxation

Taxation, Innovation and the Environment: Lessons from OECD Experience
Anthony Cox, Head of the Environment and Economy Integration Division, OECD

Innovation of energy technologies – the role of taxes
Helge Sigurd Naess-Schmidt, Director, Copenhagen Economics

Environmental tax and fiscal reform in Japan and South Korea
Soocheol Lee, Professor at Meijo University Japan (Visiting Academic, Energy Institute, University College London)

2) The Energy Tax Directive – stationary sources of emissions
Chair: Jørgen Henningsen, formerly Principal Advisor of DG Energy and Transport

Environmental taxes in the context of fiscal consolidation
John Ward, Principal, VIVID Economics Ltd.

How and why energy taxes can be good for business
Anders Stouge, Deputy Director General, Danish Energy Association

Households and energy taxation
Søren Dyck-Madsen, Climate and Energy Policy Officer, Danish Ecological Council

1) Evidence of green taxation boosting green innovation – successes in Denmark

Chair: David Gee, Senior Adviser, Science, Policy, Emerging Issues, Integrated Environmental Assessment, European Environment Agency (EEA)

The impact of the Danish carbon taxation on innovation at Danfoss
Thomas Keller, Senior Director, Danfoss

Innovative responses to green taxes on waste in Denmark
Professor Dr. Mikael Skou Andersen, European Environment Agency (EEA)

The impact of specifically industry-related taxes on industry in Denmark
Anders Larsen, Ass. Professor, Department of Society and Globalisation, Roskilde University

2) The Energy Tax Directive and the transport sector

Chair: Per Homan Jespersen, Lecturer, Institute for Environment, Social and Spatial Change at Roskilde University ENSPAC

Could EU prevent transport fuel tax competition between member states by copying the USA/Canada IFTA model?
Magnus Nilsson, Senior Campaigner, Transport & Environment

The position of CER – the Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies – on the Energy Tax Directive
Ilja Lorenzo Volpi , Policy Adviser, Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER) AISBL

Fuel subsidies are driving community fisheries to extinction
Dr. Edward Fahy, Coordinator, Smart Taxes Network

Friday 16/09/2011

Taxation, innovation and communication - highlighting the possibilities for change


Chair: Eero Yrjö-Koskinen, Executive Director, Finnish Association for Nature Conservation

The benefits of stricter carbon cuts for innovation and green investments
Connie Hedegaard, Climate Action Commissioner, European Commission

The 'Sustainable Prosperity' project and its lessons for communicating environmental policies
Stewart Elgie, Professor of Law and Economics at the University of Ottawa, Canada

Policies to enhance innovation and green growth
Jens Lundsgaard, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs, Denmark

Presentation: GBE's Green Fiscal Reformer of the Year Award

Parallel sessions 11.30 - 13.00

1) Environmental taxation and innovation - cases from around Europe

Chair: Thomas Kähler, Managing Director Rockwool Scandinavia

Greening industries without loss of competitiveness - Danish experiences and European options
Anders Chris Hansen, Lecturer at Institute for Environment, Social and Spatial Change at Roskilde University ENSPAC, Denmark

The Community Innovation Survey in France - identifying sources of innovation
Maryvonne Phantarangsi, Chargée de mission in environmental policy and business/Ministry of Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and Sea, France

The debate in Switzerland to replace (all of) VAT with environmental taxation
Ion Karagounis, Managing Director, Managing Director, Swiss Foundation for Environmental Management, Pusch Switzerland

2) The potential impacts of taxes on innovation in the transport sector

Chair: Per Homann Jespersen, Lecturer, Institute for Environment, Social and Spatial Change at Roskilde University ENSPAC

Results of traffic-related taxes in Denmark
Christian Ege, Director, Danish Ecological Council, Denmark

Tax Incentives in Taxation on Vehicles in the Czech Republic - a comparison of behaviour before and after environmental tax reform in the sector in 2009
Karel Korba and Zdenka Teserova, Head of Tax, Ministry of Finance, Czech Republic

Possibilities and prospects for EFR in the transport sector in Portugal
Nuno Domingues, EFR Coordinator, GEOTA, Portugal

Environmental Fiscal Reform: Communicating the benefits

Chairs: Jacqueline Cottrell, Manager, Green Budget Europe; Anne-Mette Wehmüller, Policy Officer, Danish Ecological Council

• This innovative session had 4 working groups discussing the communication of EFR
• After 45 minutes discussion, the groups came back together for the last 45 minutes to brainstorm ideas
• Group leaders, presenting their ideas about communication in the working groups:

- Professor Dr. Mikael Skou Andersen, EEA, Denmark
- Wayne Gumley, Senior Lecturer in Taxation Law, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia
- András Lukács, President, Clean Air Action Group, Hungary
- Susanne Tolstrup, Director of Communications & Public Affairs, Better Place, Denmark

Panel Discussion - the potential for EFR, particularly the Energy Tax Direc-tive, to green the EU economy (including closing remarks by hosts GBE and DEC)

Chair: Kai Schlegelmilch, Vice President, Green Budget Europe

Dr. Anselm Görres, President, Green Budget Europe
Pieter de Pous, Policy Director, European Environmental Bureau (EEB)
Michael Jacobs, Visiting Professor, Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, London School of Economics, and former Special Adviser in the UK Treasury
Hans Larsen, Deputy Manager, Representative from the Danish Ministry of Tax
Dr. Manfred Rosenstock, Deputy Head of Unit, Strategy, Environment DG