Websites about ETR

Websites about ETR

BMUB - Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB) offers some contents about the environmental tax reform.

Ecologic Institute - The Ecologic Institute is a private not-for-profit think tank for applied environmental research, policy analysis and consultancy, which has several publications on ETR.

EEA - A report by European Environmental Agency on environmental taxes from 2000.

EEA - A collection of links providing information on environmental taxes and other market-based instruments in environmental policy

EEB - The European Environmental Bureau's site on EFR

IEEP - Summary of EHS Case study: Company cars use as fringe benefit

UNEP - The United Nations Environmental Programm published a report in 2008 saying that cutting fossil fuel subsidies can cut greenhouse gas emissions.

EU Commission - A Strategy for internalising the external costs of transport.

EU Commission - A working document on greening transport inventory.

National Statistical Offices in Norway, Sweden, Finland & Denmark - A study on Energy Taxes in the Nordic Countries - Does the polluter pay?

Economicinstruments - Information on economic instruments in environmental policy around the world.

Greentaxes - Current information on the global development of environmental taxation.

International Tax and Investment Center - This service provides links to the websites of the Ministries of Finance and Tax Administrations of more than 130 countries of the world.

OECD - A general database of all environmental taxes in OECD Member Countries.

OECD - Information about the Conference on Environmental Fiscal Reform organised in 2002 in Berlin.